Ready to emerge from stealth?

Willing and able to show the world what you have spent the last 20 dog years developing? Want to strut your stuff in front of the top payments execs and compete for grants, strategic fellowships and a Best in Show award? Then type fast, very, very fast, and complete this submission form.

Harvard University’s Science Center will serve as the perfect backdrop for this new twist on an old turn – an innovators showcase. We’re focused here on showing the payments industry the newest and freshest players in the space – and what those innovators are doing to change innovation as we know it.

We make it easy and fun. No schlepping exhibit booths or marketing materials. You’ll have your own space, and we’ll get it all set for you. We will have a gigundo monitor for you to blast your demo or presentation, plus a poster board that will feature your own marketing message and QR code that will link to your demo on the site – where we will of course be highlighting your innovations after the expo.

Innovators will compete for one of several cash prizes and have the ability to become an IP 2013 fellow and potentially work with one of the industry’s most respected companies.

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