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The Innovation Project™

Founding Members Of
The Innovation Project™

We would love to have you be part of this really unique and fun way to create, experience and celebrate innovation.

And, there are a number of ways truly unique and fun ways to create, experience, and celebrate innovation and be part of the only event in payments that truly shapes its direction. Let’s say that you really want to go beyond the typical logo sponsorship and really get down and dirty in helping to really drive the success of this event.

Be a ThinkAThon™ Team Captain and Keynote or give an Innovator Award to a 2013 Award Winner. Maybe you have news to break or a new product to announce or demonstrate – you can take over a Briefing Room or Product Launch Pad. We can even create some cool combo packages that give you primo visibility on too.

Sponsor breakfasts, dinners, and even the Crystal Ball. You can have your logo on Innovation Project™ swag, take out ads on the Innovation Project™ site have your logo on signs everywhere.
Then, lets say that you are really up for making a big splash. Have we got some options for you.

There are a limited  to the number of opportunities for Uber Innovators to take part in our thought leader/CEO Up Close and Personal segments. There are three huge opportunities to be in the spotlight outside of that too – as the presenting sponsor for the First Look Innovators Expo and participate as the CEO emcee for the 2013 PYMNTS Innovator Awards.

So, this may be a bit unusual in an events world that is defined by a “take what we have and like it” approach to sponsorship but tell us a little bit about who you are and what your goals are, and we’ll get back to you with the perfect package to fit your needs.

Told you we are different!!

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