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3/15/13: Have you checked out our amazing Agenda recently?

3/14/13: Rosie Rios, Treasurer of the United States, will deliver a powerful opening keynote on innovation in commerce.

3/13/13: Learn about The Innovation Project Briefing Rooms featuring TSYS, CSI, Vantiv, PayPal and MasterCard!

3/12/13: See what the industry’s elite innovators are up to in our news section…Meet them at The Innovation Project 2013!

3/11/13: See who’s joining MPD’s Karen Webster and LevelUp’s Seth Priebatsch for the “Guess Who’s Coming To The Point of Sale?” panel!

3/8/13: We added a new “Platform Power Plays” panel where elite innovators will be sharing what they’re doing to reinvent payments.

3/7/13: See what the 2013 Innovator Awards Finalist have to say!

3/6/13: Deep dive into the panel led by Larry Summers: Innovating The Cash Economy And Serving The Underserved

3/5/13: The 2013 Payments Hall of Fame Inductees and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Announced!

3/4/13: Sneak Peek: The Warren Buffet Keynote at The Innovation Project 2013 on March 20-21 at Harvard University

3/3/13: Have you seen who’s on the list?!

3/2/13: See what Russell Simmons is bringing to IP2013 in the latest panel deep dive: “Keeping It Real: The Entrepreneurs’ Smack Down”

3/1/13: Congrats to our latest exhibitors: Waspit, BIM Networks and Paidpiper!

2/28/13: Raj Date, who until just a few days ago was the #2 guy at the CFPB, will lead a conversation with 6 industry CEOs about the reality of the payments industry regulatory environment today. Click here for details!

2/27/13: We’re so excited to tell you that we’ve added Larry Summers, Former Treasury Secretary, Square Board Member, and Special Advisor to Andreessen Horowitz, to The Innovation Project 2013 lineup. Click here for details!

2/25/13: Eric Ries shares his recipe for innovation along with five industry leaders from iZettle, ROAM, ShopRunner, Vantiv and PayPal. Click here for details!

2/23/13: Say hello to our latest Innovator Expo participants: Leaf and CyberMoney!

2/22/13: It’s a vote-a-thon! Votes are rushing in for our Innovator Awards finalists like salmon in Alaska! #IP2013 Have u voted?

2/21/13: We’re excited to welcome our latest exhibitor – VerifyValid!

2/20/13: Just announced: The 2013 Innovator Awards Finalists! You have until March 7th to submit your votes!

2/19/13: Want a sneak peek at what Al Gore’s Global Mind panel will cover? We’ve got it right here.

2/18/13: Trust us, Fermat’s Last Theorem looks easy compared to solving the five toughest problems in payments. Join a ThinkAThon Team today!

2/17/13: Like sands through the hourglass, so goes The Innovation Project 2013 Hotel Room Blocks…Get them before they are gone!

2/15/13: Here’s a recap of all the exciting additions to the IP2013 lineup this week!

2/15/13: Welcome Pangea to The Innovation Project’s Innovator Expo! Can’t wait to see your demo and learn how you’re changing the face of FinTech.

2/14/13: More exciting news from the Innovator Expo! CLK CLK has joined the every-growing list of exhibitors and StarStar has signed on to power our voting! Click here to visit the Expo homepage. We’d also like to welcome our newest sponsor – Cardtronics! Check out our sponsor page here.

2/13/13: The wait for ThinkAThon details is over!! Click here for details on this one-of-a-kind experience — and for a sneak peek at the issues that will be debated!

2/13/13: We are excited to add Rocco Fabiano, Senior Vice President of Qualcomm and President of Firethorn Mobile, to a brand new panel on new thinking in mobile payments innovation! Details on that panel coming soon!

2/12/13: CONTEST: Be part of the conversation during The Architecture Of Innovation Panel! HBS Professor and author, Josh Lerner, and Discover Network’s Diane Offereins – The Architecture of Innovation panel honchos – will select the three most inquisitive submissions and give the nominees an opportunity to ask their question live and in person at The Innovation Project. Details here!

2/12/13: How To Design Innovation In Payments: Deep Dive Into Our “Architecture of Innovation” CEO Panel with author Josh Lerner, Diane Offereins, President of the Discover Network, Chris Gardner, co-Founder and CEO of Paydiant, Mike Kennedy, Chairman of ClearXchange, Mike Pasilla, CEO of Elavon, and Chitra Narasimhan, Managing Director at CitiVentures. Click here for more.

2/11/13: We just had TOO MANY nominations!! So today we welcomed a new judge to our Innovator Awards… Meet Matt Harris — a Managing Partner with Bain Capital.

2/8/13: We are very excited to announce the latest expo participant – SWARM. This innovator enables brick and mortar retailers to increase revenue through real-time shopper interaction and analytics.

2/7/13: We just got confirmation that LevelUp will be joining The Innovation Project! We’ll be sharing all the details with you next week. Make sure you’re on the list!

2/6/13: The Tier 1 Merchant joining the CEO Keynote “Shoponomics | The Hidden Side of Why Consumers Buy and How They Pay” is…. Kohl’s!! Troy Carrothers, Head of Financial Services at Kohl’s, will tell the story from the retailer’s point of view and from one that, like many, are working hard to keep up with the changing social and financial circumstances of its customers. More details here!

2/5/13: Congrats to our newest Innovator Expo participants: MineralTree, Digital Retail Apps and Crowdtilt!

2/4/13: Check out the new journal n>genuity from TSYS where MPD’s Karen Webster dishes on the Innovator Expo.

2/3/13: Welcome Elavon – the newest sponsor to join The Innovation Project!

2/1/13: Steve Rathgaber, CEO of Cardtronics, was just added as a panelist to the Rosie Rios panel on Innovating Cash. Cardtronics is doing a lot to innovate access to cash and will be an important contributor to this discussion. We are thrilled to have him join this most fascinating discussion.

1/31/13: Mike Kennedy, Chairman of ClearExchange, and Jeff Jordan, Andreessen Horowitz partner and former President of PayPal, added as speakers for our CEO Roundtables!

1/30/13: We are excited to announced Silicon Valley Bank as a grant sponsor for the Innovator Expo!

1/29/13: VC Dan Rosen on why The Innovation Project will prove to be the ultimate platform to showcase innovative payments and commerce technologies.

1/28/13: Drum Roll Please… Our latest keynote CEO is M-Pesa mastermind Michael Joseph! Details here!

1/27/13: Want to Meet Payment’s Newest Rock Star Innovators?

1/26/13: In case you missed it, this week was AMAZING for The Innovation Project!! Check out our Week In Review here!

1/24/13: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?! Our Awards Emcee is… B.J. Novak!

1/23/13: Insights from’s 2012 Most Invisible Player: XYVerify.

1/22/13: Click here to see what 2012 Best Technology Winner Braintree suggests to innovators that have yet to enter their nomination.

1/21/13: PayPal’s Don Kingsborough on why collaboration is necessary for innovation to take hold.

1/17:13: Help Us Select The 2013 Payments Hall-of-Fame Inductees!

1/16/13: A Sneak Peek Inside The CEO Keynotes. Hint: One of them is a former VP!

1/14/13: Get familiar with our sponsors.

1/9/13: IP 101: Everything You Need To Know!

1/2/13: Letter From MPD CEO Karen Webster; read here!

12/21/12: Innovator Awards deadline submission extended! Submit here.

12/20/12: Russell Simmons to join the conversation!

12/16/12: The Innovation Project is taking place at none other than the world renowned Harvard University. Take a tour.

12/15/12: Nominations are coming to a close, are you included? Submit today!

12/14/12: Get to know the Innovator Award categories inside and out.

12/13/12: A sneak peek at last year’s well-deserved Innovator Award winners

12/11/12: Innovation Project Official Agenda released!

12/10/12: The ThinkAThon™ is all about creating innovation using the collective energies and brainpower of Innovation Project attendees to solve some of the industry’s most vexing problems. Check out the process here.

12/9/12: Dying to be able to call yourself a Innovator Award Winning company? Start by getting familiar with these guys.

12/8/12: Want to have a part in driving the success of the event while propelling your brand’s thought leadership cred? Check out the Innovation Project’s one-of-a-kind sponsorship opportunities.

12/7/12: Submit your company and use the Innovation Project as a launchpad to emerge from stealth!

12/6/12: Our 12 Days Of Christmas Countdown Kickoff: check out the Interactive Keynote Lineup

10/20/12: Announces The Innovation Project!

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